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19 May 2006 @ 07:13 pm
the o.c - the graduate  
aired on : thursday, may 18th
episode : season three finale

*do not read if you havent seen the episode!

in the season finale of the o.c (which i love, by the way), we see the four lead characters (seth, summer, ryan & marissa) graduate high school.
ryan is still being blackmailed by volchok, who asks ryan for money to get away from the cops and head to mexico. marissa recieves a letter from her dad asking her if she wants to set sail on a boat for a year with him, and marissa says yes after asking summers opinion on the matter. kaitlin comes back for the graduation, and surprises marissa and julie by telling them that shes coming home for good. while measuring marissa's room, she announces to julie that now that marissa is leaving she can finally rule harbor.
ryan tells marissa about volchok needing money to leave town, so she gives ryan a pearl necklace that she got from her mother as a graduation/going away present to pawn for the money for volchok. when ryan leaves to give the money to volchok, marissa decides to tag along, saying that it'll be just like old times. while there, volchok asks ryan if he can talk to marissa, but marissa rolls up in ryan car (another graduation present, this one from ryans mother), ryan hops in and they drive away. later on, the gang decides to find a nice place to spend their last day together as a foursome, because marissa is leaving that night to go to the airport. marissa suggests that they go to the rebuilt model home, after ryan burned it down in season one. hours later everybody says a teary goodbye and ryan drives marissa to the airport.
on the way there though, ryan realizes that they're being followed, and marissa realizes that its volchok who's following them. marissa begs for volchok to leave them alone and go away, but volchok starts slamming into ryans car, saying he'll stop when ryan pulls over so he can talk to her. volchok crashes into ryans car, which swerves off the road, down a hill and onto the road below, wrecking ryans car.
ryans wakes up from being unconscious and realizes that the gas is leaking and car is starting to set on fire and quickly pulls a still unconscious marissa out of the car. the car explodes as ryan is carrying marissa down the road, then he puts her down and tells her to wake up. when she does ryan tells her that he has to leave to get help, but marissa asks ryan to stay with her. after ryan repeatedly tells her that everything is going to be okay, marissa dies in his arms.

best season finale in the entire universe.

getreadytojump on May 20th, 2006 09:29 pm (UTC)
yes. it was amazing but it was sad as well. this could have been a series finale if marissa didnt die, EVERYTHING got resolved. stupid volchuk. i really hope ryan kills HIM next season.
twistedtoxica on May 20th, 2006 10:04 pm (UTC)
LOL me too =(